Here are some interesting resources to read when thinking about direct mail.

Nicky Parr from Better Handwritten speaks on Lead Generation Nation about the power of direct mail. Watch on Youtube

From ‘This Time It’s Personal’

Royal Mail Research Project (2015) conducted by Quadrangle, an independent research agency, carrying out both qualitative and quantitative research among 3,000 nationally
representative consumers.

‘Mail is physical, it has authority, it’s emotionally engaging, it complements other media and enhances sales performance.’

‘Ultimately it delivers the most important benefit of all, driving consumers to take action’

‘Mail that makes people feel something makes them do something’ Of those who FELT something, 92% DID something

Those who felt ‘special’, ‘excited’, ‘rewarded’ or ‘happy memories’ were more likely to

  • act
  • plan a future purchase
  • recommend to family and friends
  • request further information from the sender
  • go online for information

Further Royal Mail reading about mail that cut through the noise.

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