(Generally 30 – 150 words)

‘Employers need to invest in their employees seriously and must treat them in the best possible manner because if you invest in your employees, they will invest in your company as well.’

Robert Keay July 2018, Mapovate

Usually Thank You messages or notes of encouragement

  • A great way to show appreciation and make staff feel valued
  • A powerful way to strengthen loyalty and boost morale. Happy staff are more productive and engaged.
  • Choose a great image when sending a card. It will often be kept for a long time and the image serves as a trigger to thinking about the handwritten message and keep producing good feelings
  • You can include a reward (eg voucher or small gift) but often well chosen words mean more
  • Keep a batch of letters or cards ready to sign and distribute. Having them to hand will make it more likely that you’ll remember to show your appreciation in this way

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