"I am so pleased with the progress my son has made. And more importantly he is proud of what he has achieved. The videos are very easy to follow and in nice bite-sized chunks."

N Semple

Improve Your Handwriting

Did you think it was too late to improve your handwriting?

It's not! You just need to be shown how!
Discover how you only need 15 minutes a day of relaxing practice and reflection to transform your writing and feel great about it!

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1:1 online coaching packages with Nicky

Limited Spaces! 

For a personalised kick-start to making improvements, work with Nicky 1:1

online via Zoom video conferencing 


      –  2 weeks of daily support (Monday-Friday)

      –  personalised instruction (email, video & photos & messaging)

      –  20 minute Zoom video meeting each week
Starter package £249.99

Coaching for:
*   Children

*   Adults

*   Parents

*   Teachers

*   Teaching assistants


“The package is fantastic value for money. This is much more support than I expected from a handwriting teacher!!!

We can’t thank you enough, in just this short time, for the positive impact you have had on J and how he feels about writing.” 

Abbie, Mum of J (age 8) –  

Hong Kong