It’s the digital age.

And it’s incredible how that’s created amazing opportunities to connect with people across the world like never before.

And yet… the sheer scale and volume and speed of communication has resulted in overwhelm.

We’ve reached capacity and in order to keep moving forward we are having to filter out messages that look generic, impersonal or false, or we will drown in lost time.

And that is what Better Handwritten is all about addressing.

How to get past the filters. How to be noticed. How to connect on a more personal level.

I’m Nicky Parr and my business is designed to serve your business in standing out with beautiful handwritten direct mail.

Handwritten envelopes with a real stamp on are intriguing.

Handwritten letters feel personal.

Handwritten thank yous mean more than you know 🙂

They are inherently charming and send a subconscious message that the recipient is valued and worthy of the investment of money, effort and the most precious resource of all – time. They tap into emotions. And that’s powerful.

My passion for personal communication AND handwriting developed during a long and happy teaching career where my skills helped hundreds of young people become better communicators. Those skills transfer perfectly to my passion now, which is for helping businesses connect with their clients and staff more personally, more effectively and achieve better results.

Electronic communication is phenomenal… but, more than ever before we need personal communication to open doors and keep them open so we can serve our clients well. And when we make sure our staff know they are valued they serve us well 🙂

Start relationships. Build relationships. Value relationships.

Try it and see for yourself!